Having an online presence is a crucial part of any business, according to Google, 97% of consumers use the Internet to look for local businesses. Using the methods below, you can begin to achieve new heights with your business today with the best internet marketing strategies! All it takes is one step.


Design Consistency across Multiple Platforms

Once a brand truly begins to evolve into something bigger, so does its design. Marketo’s logo is a great example of this and how they constructed their timeline of changing their content was skillful.  The kind of alteration is not drastic, because it was not instantaneous.  In addition to that, the concept remained the same, preserving the color scheme.

Seriously modifying ones brand design and color scheme without caution has the ability to result in a crucial turn that will not be in favor for the company.

Let’s say the design of your marketing site revolves around red, white, and blue. Once a visitor stays long enough on your site, they’ll begin to associate your brand with those colors.

Case in point, altering your color scheme along with logo and other materials linked to your business will allow room for less recognition of your business. The audience will not be familiar with the material as a part of your brand, resulting in lost opportunity.

Best Internet Marketing Strategies Tips

From time to time, controlling the design on content from your company will be complicated. For instance, if there is modification of an online post to a presentation, then there’s not much to be calculated. Using dark colors will be your best bet, or using fonts and colors as close to, your company’s would result in better recognition of your brand.

The best internet marketing strategies to increase integrated marketing and branding efforts that are well coordinated use various promotional methods whose main objective is to reinforce each other hence enabling small businesses meet there goals. In this regard being consistent in what you want to say is vital. Customers should immediately feel a common flow of ideas, style and approach whenever they visit your page. Homogeneity of thought helps customers develop visual trust and connection with what you are trying to market. On the contrary being unpredictable and muddled will in most cases turn off existing and potential clients.

Allowing your consumer base to interact with your brand online is to your advantage. According to one of the recent research by DemandGen (2015), an overwhelming number of clientele (90% of those surveyed) agree with this view. Providing your customers with simple questions, structured questionnaires, opinion polls and opportunity for participating in reward contests are some workable methods that nurture interactions with your content. This will not only give you important feedback but also ensure that some of your visitors are motivated to come back through winning your competition.

One of the best internet marketing strategies to increase integrated marketing and branding efforts that can be exploited ensuring your content to your online clients is re-routed through social media. When that happens, the potential is enormous. When your work is attractive, your customer base will work for you at no cost! Provide opportunities for your brand to go viral by sharing and re-tweeting through Face book, Tweeter and other forums. All content be it blog posts, video generated adverts or case studies should be able to be redirected as a far as possible. It is worthwhile to make your brand attractive, provide your bio-data and clear channels of reaching you.

Publishing Content and Brand Alignment

Content published on any website constitutes a facet of the overall marketing strategy; a strategy designed to establish and support brand. In the Internet age, brand is built and maintained by developing an original, consistent voice to permeate the various platforms offered by the web. In addition to conducting customer and competitor research, successful businesses, as James Heaton of Tronvig Group points out, are able to differentiate between marketing and branding. Content reinforces marketing, marketing buttresses brand, but brand is the Alpha and the Omega- the first and the last. Brand is what remains at the conclusion of any and all marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that published content remain consistent with brand ideals.

For example, SaaS company Groove (, has a lengthy mission statement on their “About Us” page where they promise customers, “No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you.” Now, if their product turned out to be an overly complex, feature laden dashboard (it isn’t), Groove would have damaged their brand through content they published. This is the danger. Content can damage your brand. On the other hand, it has the power to bolster it. To help, and not hurt, your brand, it is critical that any content you publish upholds the values that define your brand, your company, and your goals. One of these goals should be to emulate Groove in aligning every piece of content with brand values, and thereby increase reliability. Keeping this simple principle in mind, making strategic use of customer and competitor research, and using these five principles to keep your content brand-centric, will help make your business more successful.