There are many methods to perform business to business marketing in order to attract new customers and dial in on your local target audience.  A targeted marketing implementation as well as local marketing strategy will enable you to enhance your brand, increase your sales, and has the ability to improve your rankings online in the search engines.  Marketing techniques such as SEO, social media and mobile marketing pave the way to locate and reach a targeted audience.  According to Vision Advertising, local areas make up 72% of all local related search content.  For business to business marketing ventures, there are great opportunities with companies that have an online presence.


To increase the presence of your online local venture, you should follow these best and experienced techniques:

Submit Business Directories           

As a regional company, bringing in brand-new clients can be a major difficulty. When individuals go to the physical Yellow Pages to locate local companies, this is becoming an outdated resource, given technologies such as the iPhone. Today, individuals are transforming to the internet as a means to discover trusted business referrals.

One method to increase your business presence online is to submit your website to related business directories.  Some popular directories include Yelp, HotSpot, CitySearch, FourSquare.

These directories are the most reliable review sites for local businesses. Submitting in these directories will ensure that your business will definitely get some local hits. In reality, 75% of android phone owners use location-based services, and this is the only forecast to grow your business all over the year.


Social media presence

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ are the best platform to promote your local online business. These are also effective for business to business marketing strategy as well. Check your budget and start working on these, if you have budget to spend on paid campaign, then this business to business marketing strategy will speed up your promotion faster than free campaign. Particularly on Facebook, a paid marketing campaign because Facebook can offer region to region centered advertising tactics to focus and target the promotion campaigns of your business.

Leveraging Online Media Marketing Tools

The Search Engine Journal found that search engine-based leads have a 14.6% successful sale rate conversely traditional leads (from sources like direct mailers and print ads) only have a 1.7% success rate. Furthermore, according to a study commissioned by Search Engine Watch,  50% of all mobile searches are done to find a local business and that 61% of those searches result in a purchase. Therefore, the name of the game is online and mobile marketing to reach your local target audience. To ensure you don’t miss those local searches optimize your website for mobile search.

Social media sites are a small but increasingly important sector of online marketing and sales. It is critical that your business not overlook this cheap source of advertising to boost your SEO and drive sales. The higher your business’s SEO the easier it will be for customers find you. Include keywords and hashtags tied to your business as a fun way to engage your customers and push your locations, sales and specials. Post promotions in your establishment touting those online campaigns and hashtags to encourage customers to engage in your marketing and post reviews. However, the more connected your business the more vigilant you need to be. You must swiftly respond to negative comments.

Additionally, submitting your information to local directories is an easy way to increase your business’s exposure. This will also land your company on popular map search tools like Google Maps. The easier it is for your customers to find you the quicker you generate revenue. Finally, consider that there is safety in numbers. Cooperate with other local businesses and agree to support one another with marketing campaigns.

Business to Business Marketing Methods

Online marketing is the cheapest and one of the most effective marketing tools, if utilized properly. Below are some quick tips you can use in your business to business marketing strategy:

Ensure accurate business information through GetListed.Org

A vast majority of consumers lose faith in a business with incorrect listings on the internet. This listing tool is free and will show you where and how your business is listed online. You can use this information to fix incorrect or outdated listings.

Gain local attention using local media

Write short articles for local print media on subjects related to your business. Use this to create a positive, knowledgeable persona and drive traffic to your business.

Maintain an active blog and blogger network

Keep your language specific to your location and be certain to use locally sourced keywords throughout your posts. Conduct your own searches, based on pertinent keywords, to gain a steady supply of content related to your field. Post often – at least weekly – to gain the best possible position in search results. Additionally, inviting other bloggers into the conversation, requesting local reviews and using good SEO practices will help in achieving your goal of top placement in search engine listings.

Take advantage of keyword tools

There are many keyword tools available free on the internet. These tools are designed to analyze your site and offer suggestions for better search engine results. Google’s keyword tool, while not free, is an especially helpful SEO optimizer.

Use social media to increase exposure

Social media can enormous impact on your brand. Most social media sites have functions for allowing users to alert their followers when they enter a business. Facebook is one of the most powerful examples but don’t forget to look into the myriad of other social media sites as well.

Host a business or media event

Scour your local media for cultural niches that fit your business and host one of their events. Use hashtag marketing for maximum reach.