3 Best Types of Email Opt-In Forms for Building Your Email List

Best Types of Email Opt-In Forms

As a marketer and business owner seeking the best email opt-in forms to generate more leads, you have listened to the universal guidance a hundred times previously.

In order to to generate leads, you need to “create an email lit.”

You’ve had this drilled in your head, and you know it’s an important element in your marketing activity. However, you simply have not executed on it….yet.

Naturally, as an entrepreneur, you do comprehend why many marketers online and offline offer this as an essential recommendation.

When you have an increasing subscribers list who you currently recognize in your business, of likeminded readers and buyers, who like and trust you, it’s much easier to do the following:

  1. Drive traffic to your most recent articles.
  2. Grow connections using subscriber-only content and case studies and other types of media.
  3. Send out targeted deals that help you generate revenue from your product, service or blog.

All this is well and good, however, your are baffled by useful aspects of email opt-in forms.

Sure, subscribing to an email carrier like MailChimp, Constant-Contact and  AWeber, or is easy enough. But what are the next steps in implementing a strategy for having the best email opt-in forms?

Exactly how do you go from honored proprietor of providing quality information in your new email list, to a delighted blog writer with an active and growing subscriber base?

Simply put, how do you in fact get people to join your email opt-in forms?

Trouble-Free Method to Build Email Opt-In Forms

Have you ever transformed a regular blog visitor into into a blog subscriber?

Provide your readers an email opt-in forms and invite them to join your list.

There’s no magic secret. It’s as simple as that.

Certainly, the methods in practice, it’s important to realize what it actually takes to get this done. For example:

  1. How can I develop a professional-looking email opt-in forms?
  2. Where should email opt-in forms be positioned on my site?
  3. Just what are the different kinds of email opt-in forms are required?
  4. Do I need more than 1 type of email opt-in forms?

Additionally, when you have a professionally designed email-optin form to show your site visitors, you still need a hot reward to lure them to register or submit their personal information.

However, many small business marketers don’t get that far due to the fact that they get hindered on the the simple aspect of creating a reliable email opt-in form that works for their business.

Due to advances in technology and open-source tools such as WordPress and WordPress plugin, small business marketers now have the opportunity to create top quality email opt-in forms and build a sustainable lead management strategy.

The problem—there are tons of WordPress email list buidling plugins available. So, how does a small business marketer interested in generating leads choose an email opt-in form plugin?

Guide to Email Opt-in Forms for Small Business Marketers

Below, you will learn about the various types of email opt-in forms that are available.

You’ll likely see numerous different types of opt-in forms with different styles and in various positions when you navigate prominent blogs.

  1. Sidebar Opt-In Form

The blog site sidebar email opt-in is historically one of the most common positions to add an opt-in form type.  Most website owners position an opt-in form in the sidebar. On WordPress based websites, this is typically the widget area.  This position is where moset site visitors navigate too in order to subscribe to your list.


  1. Great position for users to quickly find & subscribe – difficult to miss.
  2. Location  is supported by many type s of list-building plugins for WordPress
  3. Some plugins enable you to display various opt-in types based on the type of page or page content you have created.


  1. Website visitors can get opt-in form blindness which would reduce conversions.  The same concept is with advertising blindness.

Marketers Advice

Consistently utilize these kinds of email opt-in forms unless the area can be better inhabited by an advertising unit. To combat the form blindness problem, a sidebar form is best combined with another type of email form.

2) Pop-Up Email Form

An email pop-up opt-in form is the type of form that pops up over the content area of your website. It’s a way to get instant attention to your form.


Plugins that can do this effectively are Pop-Up Domination.


  1. Extremely prominent form placement
  2. Emphasis is 100 % on catching the reader’s e-mail address, so it converts fairly well


  1. Can be intrusive and also can irritate viewers if over-used
  2. Not reliable in all niches, therefore, it’s important to test within your niche.

Marketers Advice

It’s recommended to use pop-up email opt-in forms when subscribersz are the number-one top priority, even if it’s at the expenditure of customer experience..

3) Featured Area Box Opt-In Forms

Feature box opt-ins typically are positioned below the header of your website. Some marketers simply use them on their homepage alone, whereas others utilize them on a select variety of articles or web pages or perhaps across the entire blog site.


You can see quality examples of this type of featured area optin at sites such as: smartpassiveincome.com, and www.blogmarketingacademy.com/


  1. Prominent location & doesn’t get in the way  of cotent
  2. Positioned for high convernsions
  3. Supported by many themes as well as plugins


  1. Pushes content lower down the page below the fold.
  2. Mnay WordPress themes have this feature built in, therefore, could be less flexible in some cases.

Marketers Advice

When sign-ups are a high priority however, you don’t want to seriously affect individual experience, make use of an above the fold feature area box.

 4) After Blog Post Opt-In Forms

After an article is created, a feature area style form below the post is an effective way to conert visitors who have navigated to a specific page.  Additionally, the After the Blog Post Form increases the ability to generate leads as it spreads out the form across your site in an effective way.


  1. Does not get in the way & is unobtrusive
  2. Converts well since if a visitor has merely completed reviewing a valuable piece of your content, they are likely to be “cozy” to filling out the form to gain more information or join your list. suggestion of registering
  3. Some plugins can show targeted after post email opt-in form that are customized to your content


  1. Harder to discover for a site visitor who currently knows they wish to subscribe
  2. Limited number of plugins  support this area.

Marketers Advice

Recommend to always utilize an after post email opt-in forms unless you have an additional  call to action to show.

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