Boca Raton Web Design Firm Shares Tips for Affordable Search Engine Optimization

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At some point, you need to audit your Boca Raton web design for SEO (search engine optimization). Most site owners don’t have the time to implement proper SEO at the get-go, so you need to later perform an audit to figure out why your site isn’t ranking where it should be (or where you think it should be). Here are five easy tips you can use to perform an affordable search engine optimization audit.

SEO Automation Tools

Automated tools can give you a basic rundown of your site’s SEO such as meta descriptions, titles, header tags and URL structure. These tools are good for identifying areas where you have no SEO at all. For instance, if you don’t have a meta description tag on your pages, a good SEO tool will pick up on the error.

Tools are only good for basic mistakes, but never use them for SEO nuances. For instance, a tool cannot tell you if you have a penalty. A tool cannot identify good content from bad content. A tool can’t tell you if your user interface needs some tweaking. Never base solely an SEO decision off of tools you find online. You can’t avoid the need for human evaluation when performing an SEO audit. Manually checking your optimization will provide the best affordable search engine optimization, however, using a custom Boca Raton Web Design development company will save your business an enormous amount of time.

Boca Raton Web Design Firm Shares Tips for Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Boca Raton Web Design Firm Shares Tips for Affordable Search Engine Optimization

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There are design agencies such as, a web company that can provide affordable search engine optimization services that can deliver results.

Don’t Use Ranking Products That Scrape Google

There are several tools on the market that claim to show your website rank and your competitor’s rank. Some of these tools also claim to show search engine traffic for your site and your competitor’s site. Scraping Google is against the search engine’s terms of service, and no third-party tool can show your true rank and traffic. It’s best to use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to audit your site’s search visibility. These tools show your site’s true rank and the phrases Google recognizes on your web pages. GWT also shows your traffic, impressions when users search for a phrase, any problems when the bot crawls your site, hacked pages, and manual penalties. GWT is a more accurate way to audit your site specifically for Google ranking, crawling and indexing.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Tips

A second option is to utilize tools that uses the legitimate Google API’s that pull the Google data using Google’s recommended applications. There are customized websites built for SAAS services that can provide affordable search engine optimization. Online software such as SERPed can provide detailed analysis on keywords and your competition. Using a custom web development company like Bullseye Marketing Consultants will provide you with the direct access to the right tools and resources needed so you won’t have too.

Be Wary of Free Audits

You get what you pay for with free audits, and most of these audits are a way to drag you into an expensive SEO contract. Free audits usually tell you that you have bad links, need better content or your meta descriptions and titles need improvement. You can do this part yourself!

Web Company Content Analysis

Read your pages’ content when conducting affordable search engine optimization audits. Does the content sound natural? Do you repeat keywords too much? Does it read as if you are writing for a bot? If so, you probably need an editor or need to rework the content yourself. It’s difficult to accept that our pride and joy might not be up to par with competitors. If you don’t think you can read your content with a critical eye, hire an editor to do it for you. However, most editors need to eat and don’t work for free, so don’t expect free editing work.

Look at Your Backlinks

Backlink audits are tricky when dealing with affordable search engine optimization. If you don’t know the difference between an unnatural link and a natural link, you might need someone to help you. Unnatural links have nothing to do with a page’s PageRank (PR) or if it’s placed on a “good” website. Unnatural links are any links that you acquired either through trade, exchanges, purchasing content or otherwise had a hand in placing.

If you never participated in link schemes or traded links with anyone, you have nothing to worry about. Incidentally, if you wrote content for ezine sites or directories, these also count as unnatural links. The only way to fix the issue is to have them removed or to disavow links you can’t get removed.

You can look at links using Google Webmaster Tools. GWT gives you a list of links it’s picked up on the Internet. You can use external tools to find links too. Ahref and Majestic SEO are two tools common in the backlink auditing industry.

Use the Site Operators to View Indexed Content

Google crawls almost any content. Sometimes, you might have indexed content that you don’t even realize is on your site. Poor content reduces your rank, so you want to remove low quality or thin content. You can find pages indexed using Google’s “site” operator. An example of a site operator search is the following:

Incidentally, “site” must be in lowercase letters or Google thinks you mean the word “site” in your search. The above search query finds pages indexed in the search engine, so you can find any low quality pages. Add the “noindex” meta tag to any page that you think could be harming your rank. You can use the “canonical” tag to clean up duplicate content.

These five tips will take you several days to finish. Site SEO audits take a lot of time. For large sites, audits can take months to complete. However, the results can greatly improve your site’s rank. After you make changes to your site, you must be patient. It can take months to see improvements. In the case of backlink audits, it can take over a year for Google to crawl and re-evaluate your site rank. Be patient and always focus on users and site quality for better search engine rank. These methods are an affordable search engine optimization tips you can use on your new customized websites. If you don’t want to spend the time, contact a Boca Raton Web Design agency such as Bullseye Marketing Consultants, a Florida SEO Company.

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