According to future projections as well as Google Trends, it is a great time to be in the physical fitness market.  Based on the stats provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the physical fitness, dieting and personal training industries are projected to increase approximately 13 percent through the years 2022. Whether you need marketing ideas for physical fitness, or your personal training business, the trends are on your side.

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Although these projections are enlightening for a business-owner, marketer, or even a fitness trainer to start their career, there’s one major hurdle that each category will face:


Marketing Ideas for Physical Fitness Industry

How to differentiate yourself in a crowded field?

In the United States, there were approximately 300,000 fitness training professionals in 2012. These personal trainers worked not only in health clubs and gyms, but also worked with their clients from home, parks, tracks and other locations.

Dieting and physical fitness is a huge industry, specifically in an American society. It’s a competitive space to break into for marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs, especially when you need marketing ideas for physical fitness.  However, there are many simple marketing ideas that will enable you to not only generate more clients, but also attract more clients, whether it’s your brand, product or service that you provide.

 Reputation Management in the Physical Fitness Industry

Regardless if you work for a large multi-national gym conglomerate, or are an independent contractor as a physical fitness professional when implementing marketing ideas for physical fitness, you as an individual represent the brand as a whole.

When people look for physical fitness experts, they first look to the individual, who is representing the brand. They look to see if you are fit, are putting the strategies, tips, and guidance you espouse into practice, and lastly, people look to see if you are a fit with the brand that’s being promoted. The 2nd thing people look to when choosing a physical fitness expert, is the actual brand. This could be the logo, the website design, the marketing and promotional materials. These are the reasons for visitors to turn into clients and to keep coming back to you, whereas, it’s the reputation and brand that they can relate too.  This is why it’s important to utilize the internet to help you build, manage as well as monitor your reputation and brand.

In order to manage your online reputation, you should answer these questions:

  1. Do you have a unique message that differentiates you from other physical fitness experts in your local area?
  2. What message is your brand trying to convey?
  3. What reason should an individual spend their hard earned money to take your guidance and training?

Claim Your Online Presence

If you own your own physical fitness company, or are a marketer who has created personal fitness information products, you need to ensure you claim your online locations through the search engines.  The first place you would do this is creating a Google My Business page.  There’s no cost to do this, however, it may take a bit of time to set it up properly, optimize it, as well as ensure you have enough detailed information to ensure you have the best presentation of your brand.

The overall goal is to create an online profile for your brand.  For example, if your potential clients are searching for “physical fitness experts in “Your City”, you’ll have a clean, quality profile in Google that will benefit your brand.  Additionally, with a Google My Business page, you will have the ability to:

  1.  Add your contact information to include the 2 most important items:  a.) Phone Number and 2.) Address – these are key when performing local search results and in order for searchers to get a direct, stable and consistent result to end their search.
  2. Add images that showcases your work, employees, functions and your brand.
  3. Follow up on reviews that have been left by customers

Google My Business is one social media place where you can begin your managing your online reputation. This is one of the best marketing ideas for physical fitness. There are a variety of other online business directories, forums, and review sites that will allow you to claim your local listing.  Sites include, Bing, Yelp, Angies’ List and Yahoo Listings.

Be Proactive: Real-Time Communications

As an independent contractor or self-employed physical fitness expert providing training services to your customers, the most important thing is to be responsive to customer concerns. This is essential because “YOU” represent as the major face of the brand.  Whether you have existing clients, are in need of attracting new clients to your physical fitness business, it’s important to communicate quickly, accurately and with a positive message.  You can get questions from all sorts of places, and even places you will receive questions are through your online presence, email and through various question and answer sites.

You may receive questions such as:

  • “How fast can I achieve physical fitness results?”
  • “Do I really need a physical fitness instructor?”
  • “What are the benefits of working out with a personal trainer?
  • “What type of dieting plan do I use when performing physical fitness?”

There are a variety of questions that can be answers, this list can go on and on.

On Google and throughout the search engines, these questions are being asked on a daily basis. So as a physical fitness instructor who represents a brand, why not be the first one to answer these questions?

Traffic Generation in the Physical Fitness Industry

If your goal is to attract more clients and increase the traffic to your website, then it’s in your best interest to answer physical fitness questions not only on your website through creating fresh and engaging content, but also, to answer these questions on question and answer sites as well as fitness forums.

All content doesn’t have to be in the form of written articles.  Content can be created in the forms of video and audio.  Educate your readers, showcase your personality by creating a simple video that answers a user’s question.

The benefits of producing this content directly for your website includes:

  1.  You establish your online web presence as the go-to place for answering questions in the physical fitness industry.
  2. You could outrank your competitors in the search engines, whereas you are offering something that none of your competitors are offering – differentiation.
  3. Long tail search terms – By answers these specific questions, you are going to rank well in the search engines given these long tail keywords which will be mentioned throughout your site.
  4. Trust & Authority:  If you have the answers, it’s you and your brand who will be seen as a powerhouse on the topic. Not only by engaging with your customers, you are delivering knowledge and answers, establishing yourself as a physical fitness expert.

Once you have managed your reputation online, you can then start inputting other strategies to attract more clients for your physical fitness business.  That could be freshening your website design, creating a social media marketing strategy, or creating additional products and services to provide customers.  One reputable marketing and website design agency, Bullseye Marketing Consultants, provides high-end web development and marketing services to not only clean up your online reputation but also to take your brand by managing your online reputation for a positive and results oriented outcome. Start by implementing marketing ideas for physical fitness that you learned here in this guide today.