Explaining Advantages of Responsive Web Design to Small Business Owners


If responsive design is a component of Web programmers or digital marketers overall strategies, then communicating the advantages of responsive web design is what should be communicated effectively to businesses who have not taken the leap in providing their online visitors a better online & mobile experience.

Also, though responsive webpage developments is where most Web programmers are going, however, data differs significantly on how numerous sites are really responsive today. It’s important that digital marketers shared the multitude of advantages of responsive web design, as well as the ultimate goal to business, which is to have advantages to search engine optimization (SEO).

Advantages of responsive web design

Using responsive design makes your website easily & efficiently seen on any screen dimension. With the explosion of cell phones, Web searching and bad customer experiences on your mobile phone played into Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update Google enacted in the spring of 2015. While mobile friendliness is still a relatively lightweight ranking signal as compared to things like high quality content, mobile first responsive web design will be exceptionally valued with time. Some extra reasons to think about the benefits of responsive web design


One advantages of responsive web design is that responsive design makes sites much easier to browse for the visitor, thus improves the total end-user experience. Studies show that the more people that appreciate the experience, the more they returned. This aspect alone suffices to understand why Google made the modification this year to consist of mobile-friendly as a factor in its ranking formula.

In typical websites, it was essential to take notice of the design, but this became a crucial truth in mobile website design. It is vital to believe what information you want to show considering that you has much less space because they have smaller displays than laptop computers. Some individuals do not think of it and therefore users experience decrease.

Faster Load Time

One more recognized ranking element is web page load speed. Responsive web design layout does not need a redirection of queries to a certain URL, so it is faster than a mobile site. Google has actually currently confirmed that it is utilizing website speed in Web search position, as well as we anticipate this fad to just continue. There are numerous on-line devices you can make use of to examine the load time of your website.

Responsive web page design indicates you just need to have one site and it is developed to adapt to match any kind of screen dimension. This suggests it can be made use of on both desktops and mobile gadgets. Mobile, nonetheless, is different. This means you would have one internet site for desktop computer individuals and one more for mobile customers. If you’re on a budget, after that it’s most likely the most effective financial investment to make use of a responsive design for your web site.

Link Building for Optimization

Link building is one of the leading activities for SEO supervisors. It’s a lengthy and continuous procedure to build links from trustworthy sites. When relocating to a responsive layout web site, you could preserve all the backlinks that your initial website has, rather than starting all over or having a separate URL for a mobile version of your site.

Bounce Rate Improvements

Online search engine describe a high bounce rate to suggest the web content was not relevant to the customer and will certainly reduce your site’s ranking respectively. One of the advantages of responsive web design is that a responsive web page still allows you to show appropriate content the individual is seeking, whether they are on their laptop, Smartphone or tablet.

Prior to Google adding mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor, mobile bounce rates generally ended above 65 %. Currently sites are showing well on mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile tools, the bounce price will certainly improve Many brands are utilizing responsive web design styles to develop web sites that deliver a regular experience throughout multiple platforms and also tools. This is specifically crucial in order to minimize bounce rate.

A bounce is defined as a single page check. If a customer clicks on a web link to a page on your web site, spends five mins reviewing that web page, and after that leaves your site, it’s considered a bounce. Essentially, an individual could possibly find precisely just, what they’re seeking, have a wonderful experience on your web site, and still be counted as a bounce.  Overall, the goal is to increase overall user experience at all times & on any device.

Reduce Negative Effects of Duplicate Content

Online search engine have a challenging time identifying which web page of replicate material to consist of in search engine result. If you have a separate mobile site, you risk having replicate web content online as well as harming your positions.

Increasing Social Media Sharing

With the advantages of responsive web design, you maintain the entire social shares to one website page, in addition to linking to your website; it’s easily understandable on any kind of mobile device.

Mobile Site Setups vs. Responsive Based Site

With a responsive web page, there’s no need to produce a mobile variation of your website. Search engines that crawl your site could analyze one mobile page compare to the main sites regular page with the same content, and therefore, could be penalized in the ranking results. With one URL, you could send out all of your paid media campaigns to the exact same web page without fretting about your gadget targeting.


One of the advantages of responsive web design is that a responsive website costs much less compared to having to build a separate mobile version of the website also.

Credibility & Reputation Management

There have been studies showing that visitors who navigated to a site on their mobile phones and the website did not function well, then that company was seen to lack the credibility of a legitimate company.  The goal is to be able to replicate your brand anywhere on the go.  If visitors aren’t able to do that or feel comfortable doing that, they it would hurt your company’s reputation.

Search Engine Optimization Achievements

The search engine optimization work (title tags, Meta descriptions, and so on) are conserved when using a responsive web page design. If you create a different website, you’ll need to do the job once again and run the risk of something going incorrect or losing all the optimization advantages of responsive web design.

If you’re sold on the concept but haven’t put a strategy in place, then Bullseye Marketing Consultants can help you with selecting the best options for your responsive web page design journey.  If you have a content management system (CMS), like WordPress, there are numerous responsive styles to choose from.  Today, responsive layouts are built on a framework, such as Bootstrap.

At the end of the day, the advantages of responsive web design are a no brainer in order to provide a great user online experience. Include in that quality SEO and it’s no shock that web design agencies like Bullseye Marketing Consultants are leading the charge to responsive website design and development


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