Custom Website Designs Help Boost Website Traffic

What’s the secret to the sites boasting they are generating avalanches of traffic? There are some sites that only launched a few months ago saying that have generated over 100,000 leads. Are these sites with custom website designs publishing more often than you are? Are they using a celebrity to advertise their tweets? Did they create a Coke and Mentos video in order to go viral?
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Many sites get traffic for different reasons. However, there is one undeniable truth, whether it’s an existing business or start how just received custom website designs, the truth that high traffic levels are generated to the sites that have content that people are searching for. Just as Bullseye Marketing Consultants provides SEO expert services and is an SEO company in Florida, the big traffic will go to the enhanced content strategy implemented on website.

Take it from the experts in generating traffic, the adult entertainment industry. Yes, there is a method to the madness in adult website design. These custom website designs are strategically created to not only attract the right eyeballs but entice users to purchase their products and services on demand. Web designers delivering adult website design services have the fortunate opportunity to experience quick traffic results to their websites, whether or not they are using SEO in Tampa Bay, SEO in Tampa Fl or any SEO company in Florida for that matter.

Below, you will learn the methods that will allow not only people seeking adult website design, but also business custom website designs, achieve the high traffic volumes for the people seeking their services.


Custom Website Designs and High Volume Traffic

Here’s just one method of how an SEO company in Florida can help you boost your targeted traffic in just a few steps.

1. Target a Topic

The first task on your road to traffic nirvana is to choose a topic or subject area to create content about. As firms who provide SEO expert services know, the subject area should meet the following criteria:

Criteria #1: Topic subject area can be written about exhaustively

Creating long form content on a subject area that provides readers with valuable input will enable you to be an official authority on the topic. For example, SEO Tampa Bay optimization companies like Bullseye Marketing Consultants can provide recommendations such as the number of backlinks recommended achieving a certain search result, or why the use of video for a long term keyword such as SEO Tampa FL is best ranked using video. The goal with your topic area is to publish a quality piece of content that is useful and informative for your readers.

Custom Website Designs Help Boost Website Traffic

Custom Website Designs Help Boost Website Traffic

Criteria #2: Broad Subject Matter Area

The topic you select should cover enough information in order to create a thorough and informative tutorial, guide or information case study that is factually and statistically substance with evidence.

Criteria #3: Useful Life

Many large physical items have what’s called “useful life.” Items such as a home, a vehicle, even a computer or your iPhone has a useful life and can depreciate, and in some cases appreciate. Content that is useful to an individual is shareable, relates to a targeted audience but also may be indirectly related to your business. For example, has a quality politico reporting news section on their site. However, they also publish Cat Memes, quizzes and of course, random images of the Kardashians and their latest stunts. Content such may not directly relate to the political section of their media enterprise, but more importantly, it connects with the dreams, ideas and fears of the users who just want to click on some LOL Cats.

Content that will always have a useful life include how-to articles, lists, and round-ups. Today, the transparency guides and revenue reports are a favorite giving audiences a behind the scenes look at the operations and successes and failures of a business.

2. Long Tail Phrases

Often times when searching for things online, you’ll come to the custom website designs that relate specifically to the item you are wishing to find. However, there are also times when you may enter a search, and not find the custom website designs you were looking for, but find a totally unrelated page. Today, in the political races, you can find adversaries and even the media scooping up domain names just to capitalize on a politician’s lack of foresight, only to re-direct their namesake to the opposite party or even built a custom website designs in their honor. Image a politicians name in search being re-directed to an adult website design. Yes, it has happened. So what types of searches would work best if you were searching your own business website?

The goal is to understand the mind if your target audience. It’s the same as knowing your customers, and having a keen view on what their purchase habits are, knowing the repeat buyers, knowing who the brand advocates are. Below are some tips you can use to develop long tail phrases related to your topic:

  • Use phrases that are approximately 3 to 5 words in length.
  • Choose phrases that construct a question or a sentence.
  • Create a template using spreadsheets to document and lit your phrases, as well as keep track of which ones have been used.

The following article topics can be aligned with a long tail phrase. When the content is written, a headline title will be created which will utilize the long tail phrase. You intention is to create information that is useful to your target audience and help them along the way.

3. Keyword Planning

Now that you have created a list of keyword phrases in your excel spreadsheet, it’s time to check whether or not those keywords will provide the results you are seeking. For example, users who are searching the term “adult website design” usually are not watchers of adult entertainment; they are most likely the producers.

There are a variety of keyword research tools. The best place to start to research your keyword phrases, and a cost friendly option, is the Google Keyword Planner. Enter your keywords to understand the search volume, cost of advertising and to get an idea where your audience is located.