Protecting your websites and its visitors as a small business owner is crucial. Every business owner wouldn’t let any unauthorized person to access customer’s credit information; that’s where SSL certificate comes in. It’s not only safe for processing credits cards and enhancing credibility but also secure for processing payments. It’s paramount to put down measures to stop unauthorized people from viewing sensitive personal information. You can get an inside look here.

Small Business Benefits of an SSL Certificate

Small Business Benefits of an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate (Secure socket layer) is a technology that is used to enhance security during the transmission of sensitive information such as credit cards numbers and login credentials of individuals by encrypting server and client link.

SSL certificate secures millions of people data today especially during online transaction and transmission of confidential information. For the small business owners it important to adopt this standard technology as it enhances confidentiality, security, and privacy of their customer’s sensitive information.

 The S in HTTPS stands for SSL. It adds an encryption layer that helps to identify the recipient, ensuring they are who they claim to be. Small business can grow tremendously only if the payments transactions are secured.

There will be a favorable environment for small business that employs SSL certificate as clients will feel secure to trade.

How SSL Certificates Work

Two keys exist in an SSL certificate, one a public and the other a private key that works together to create an encrypted connection. Also in the certificate, there is what is called the subject which is the identity of the certificate or website owner.

You can get these keys by creating a certificate signing request (CSR) on your server. The public key is in the Certificate Authority that is the issuer of SSL certificate. The CA uses data file in CSR to create a structure of data that match your private key without necessarily compromising the key itself.

 SSL Certificate Providers

There are several SSL certificate providers for small business. One of the best is Siteground, it offers a one year SSL certificate with grow big plan.

WordPress hosting providers also offer free SSL certificate hence reducing the cost for small business. Other vendors include Bluehost that sells from  $50-$200 range. Godaddy is also another provider that you can buy from.

FREE SSL Certificate 

The connection between your website and customers browser can now easily be encrypted by SSL certificate to prevent hackers from intercepting and stealing customer’s personal and sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

A new open source certificate called Lets encrypt that is backed by top companies such as chrome, Mozilla and Facebook has come up to automate SSL certificate installation and make it free for everyone.

Using Shell access, few commands and installation and running of Let’s Encrypt Automatic Certificate Management Environment client, Let’s Encrypt allows you install a certificate. Your certificate will already be installed by the time you enter your website’s URL to visit your homepage. It’s that simple and fast.