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Some of us are frantic about trying to create SEO content and tailor everything to the best search engine optimization standards. However, there is a surprising amount of misinformation, outdated beliefs and myths, which currently affect the way people produce content. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 SEO myths that are actually ruining your ranking!

Myth 01: You have to stuff your articles with keywords.

While this is a practice that would have worked years ago, today’s algorithms are more sophisticated. In fact, they are so sophisticated that if you try to overload your article with obvious keywords, your content will suffer from it. Google will “know” you are trying to feature as many keywords as possible, and it will assume that your content has a lower actual value.

Properly formatted, well-written articles with a relatively minor keyword density are the way to go in this day and age!

Some businesses haven’t learned this lesson, and they still use horribly written texts such as:

“Do you want the best ice cream in Paris? If you are really looking for the best ice cream in Paris, visit The Grand Cafe, home of the best ice cream in Paris!”

Thankfully, these texts aren’t good SEO strategies anymore, making the web a much better place!

Myth 02: SEO is just a myth.

Well, no! SEO is a real thing and you should be aware of it. It’s really not just something to sell you some extra services, and there is a reason why there’s a whole industry based around it.

Myth 03: SEO is a set-and-forget operation.

Many people think they can just work on their page’s SEO and take a rest. However, they should always care about updating SEO regularly, because the industry standards change at a very fast pace. Every year, new algorithms come up, and better ways to refine your content become available. It’s important to stay relevant and up to date with your SEO. A high-ranking website today could be a mediocre one tomorrow if you don’t stay current with your SEO implements.

Myth 04: Include as many backlinks as possible.

One of the basic principles of SEO is that pages that are linked from reputable sites and vice-versa will improve their ranking. However, if you have too many links, your content might be perceived as spam. It will look dodgy to your readers, but more importantly, modern algorithms are starting to understand when marketers try to pump up the linkage. As a result, they drop the rank of a page that’s a link dump!

Myth 05: You need a separate page for every keyword.

Back in the early days, online marketing would often use an entire page to focus on one single keyword. If you do this today, your page will be considered of lower quality by the refined modern algorithms of Google and other search engine platforms. A page that only focuses on one main keyword is a blatant effort to pump up marketing content. For this reason, search engine ranks will push it down because of its repetitive and spammy attire.

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