Social Media Marketing or SMM Optimization is expected to grow faster than any other form of interactive marketing.

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Social Media Marketing knows businesses that choose to pass on adopting this innovative marketing strategy are willingly limiting the reach and overall exposure of their brand. With the writing on the wall that Google will implement Social Media success for small businesses in their ranking algorithm (see Social Media Helps SEO), ignoring this marketing platform can prove costly. Creating an optimized and customized Facebook™, Twitter™, Youtube, Blog, and other social media presence is the first critical step to achieving marketing success using social media.

If you’ve already taken steps to establish a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel, Bullseye Marketing Consultants can refine your exiting profiles to include designs and content that reinforces your brand. We can also conduct outreach to increase your audience through our social media maintenance and coaching options. If you’re new to social media, we can work with you to set up the social media marketing presence that will best meet your business needs. Are you looking for the best social media marketing company in Palm beach? Bullseye Marketing consultants are leading the pride.

Facebook Channel Development

facebookFacebook has enabled the addition of “Pages” to its network to allow businesses to share information with their supporters. More than 20 million people become fans of Pages each day, making Facebook one of the most rapidly growing platforms for meaningful customer engagement.

The standard Facebook Page design adheres to a bland template. To set your Page apart, Bullseye Marketing design experts can customize your Page to better reflect your business, reinforce your brand and leverage custom content tabs that will differentiate you from your competition. Of course, simply establishing a Page is only the beginning of a social media strategy. Attracting fans and keeping them interested by providing, regular, useful information is key to a Page’s success. Depending on your resources, Bullseye Marketing can either manage your Page’s content on an ongoing basis, or equip your in-house team to effectively take control of your Page.Facebook advertising can also be a very effective online marketing tool, further increasing your Facebook fan base and generating awareness of your products and services. With the ability to target ads to appear to only those users who meet specific criteria such as gender, location, age and interests, for a reasonable cost Facebook ads generally produce a solid ROI. OrganikSEO can guide you through the development of a Facebook advertising campaign.

Click on the following links for more information on our Social Media Marketing Optimization Services for small businesses and Social Media Optimization services for large businesses.

Account Development

twitterTwitter serves as a powerful tool to establish an ongoing dialogue with customers and prospects. Perhaps most importantly, the platform provides you with a chance to listen. By setting up search parameters, it is possible to monitor millions of tweets to learn what people are saying about you, your industry, your competitors and more. Twitter can also be used to ask direct questions, as members of the community love to share their opinions. The information collected through Twitter listening can prove invaluable when shaping a more effective online marketing campaign.

More than simply a tool through which to share “your stuff,” when used properly, Twitter can help define your brand’s personality. Each time you comment about interesting things in your space, offer helpful advice or share interesting things happening in the community, you are solidifying your company’s reputation as a trusted resource and helping customers and prospects get to know you and what you value. That feeling of personal connection translates into customer loyalty. In addition, thanks to the instant nature of Twitter communications, the platform is an ideal tool for generating awareness of promotions — especially those with a short lifespan. Twitter subscribers value the chance to hear first and have the inside scoop on special offers and delight in sharing the news with their followers.

Bullseye Marketing can launch your Twitter account and design a custom twitter background to match the look and feel of your website. We can then manage the ongoing flow of communications and/or assist with specific Twitter-based promotions. Click on the following links for more information on our Social Media Marketing Optimization Services for small businesses and Social Media Optimization services for large businesses.

YouTube Channel Development

youtube-iconA branded YouTube Channel is a powerful platform from which to provide better customer services to existing customers and attract new ones. Through the production of tutorials, video product manuals and other informative multimedia tools, viewers are able to see first hand how your product or service works, and learn more about what types of expertise they can count on your company to provide. In addition, online videos that entertain can serve as a very effective viral awareness-building tool.

Bullseye Marketing can help you create a professional, branded online YouTube Channel and help you promote your multimedia content to attract page views and Channel subscribers. For those clients who do not currently have video content to share, Bullseye Marketing has established strategic partnerships with video production firms who are ready to assist.

Click on the following links for more information on our Social Media Marketing Optimization Services for small businesses and Social Media Optimization services for large businesses. 


Searching for the best social media marketing services in palm beach? Bullseye Marketing Consultants is the best social media marketing company in Palm beach

Blog and Website Content Development

blog-iconBlogs serve as a great outlet through which to increase search engine rankings because their content is indexed by the search engines on a regular basis. They also serve as a very effective way to reinforce your brand’s value and market leadership in the eyes of your customers and prospects because they offer fresh, up-to-date content and perspectives. Depending on your preferences, blogs can also be used to enable a two-way dialogue with readers who can be allowed to offer their own opinions and insights related to blog posts. This built-in feedback loop is invaluable when seeking feedback on new concepts, products or services before implementation.

Bullseye Marketing can help you build traffic for an existing blog or start a new one. Our creative experts can develop a custom blog design that reinforces your brand, and our content development team is able to help generate new blog content as often as you require.

If you’re looking to update an existing website, Bullseye Marketing can help eliminate unnecessary content that drags websites down in their search engine rankings, replace an outdated website structure with one that is more easily read by search engines, and reorganize content headings and titles to both improve the user experience and make the site more search engine friendly. Our content development experts can also rewrite or refresh your content to ensure you are sending the message most beneficial to your business.

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Social Media Management

So you have a Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel and Blog. The question is, are you using those tools to create lasting brand loyalty among your target customers? Success in social media management starts with realizing that in today’s marketplace, community has become the life essence of business. It is only once a brand has established an authentic, meaningful and ongoing conversation with its target market that social media begins to work its magic.

Although not expensive, one of the biggest challenges of social networking is the time commitment necessary to actually make it effective. The truth is that it will take a great amount of effort and discipline.

Bullseye Marketing helps businesses optimize the setup of their various social media outlets, and provides ongoing social media management of social networks to ensure marketing results.

Social Media Marketing

Our experts will help you

  • Identify online authorities and market leaders in your space able to connect you with targeted prospects.
  • Employ strategies that motivate word of mouth, viral marketing.
  • Create viral applications and widgets designed to increase both sharing and positioning potential.
  • Develop and manage contests and campaigns to encourage participation.
  • Implement social media-based advertising campaigns.
  • Perform campaign analysis to inform future social media strategic planning.
  • Provide day-to-day campaign management leveraging both proven and emerging tools and strategies.

The social networking landscape is ever-changing. The Bullseye Marketing team is up-to-speed on the latest trends and leverages new new tools and practices on behalf of our clients. We do not offer an out-of-the-box approach. Based on your needs and budget, we sit down with you and create a customized social media solution that will let your business take full advantage of the advantages social media has to offer.

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Benefits of Social Media

Social media is more than just a tool for looking at pictures of your friends and reminiscing about times past. It’s become a tool with measurable and predictable power that truly has a place with almost any kind of business. There are many benefits to using social media for business, but here are Our top choices.

1. Branding:

This is one of the most obvious benefits for most businesses using social media. Whether users directly engage with your brand or not, they will still see your brand name within the networks they use. The more impressions a consumer gets of your business, the more likely they will remember your name in the future. Whether you’re a shoe retailer or a non-profit looking to gain recognition for your cause, brand awareness is vital for your continued success.

2. Reputation Management:

Managing your online reputation is essential within social media because your brand or industry is being talked about regardless of whether you take part in the conversation. It’s beneficial to know what your customers think about your products, cause, services etc, and with this input in mind you can react accordingly. Since social media is open to everyone, anyone has the ability to say what they want about your brand. Therefore, making sure what is being said is truthful, not necessarily positive, is key to developing the trust of your audience and influencing them in a positive manner. Feed back from Social Media can also inform your decision about how you deal with your clients or market your business.

3. Customer Service and Feedback:

Providing support to your customers is vital to the success of any business and social media is no exception to the rule. When a person reaches out to you, whether their input is good or bad it is extremely important to respond in a timely and helpful manner. Social media provides the platform for consumers to interact on a person to person level, so that they aren’t talking to a faceless representative over the phone or via email. Respond whenever a user reaches out, just not to users acting profane, misleading or hateful. Providing this level of service, which can be something as simple as thanking someone for mentioning your brand, is completely transparent to your entire network, showing how dedicated you are to your audience.

4. Lead Generation:

Social media can help act as a means of finding customers for your business, advocates for your cause or as a means to make many other beneficial connections. Like we’ve previously discussed, conversations are happening constantly within each social network and it’s just a matter of you monitoring these conversations and reaping the benefit. These leads can be anything from an idea for an article to an online sale. For example, just by searching through Twitter you get a feel for the buzz in your industry and who’s saying what and possibly interact with interested future customers.

5. Educational Asset:

In any industry its important to remain innovative in your field and find the best ways to continue the conversations about what you do. Since you’re here with us today learning about social media, it’s obvious you’re one of the people looking to stay ahead of the curve on a new form of media. Social media provides your brand with a free source of constant information from other brands, media outlets, friends, coworkers and even your competition.

6. Competitive Analysis:

In any industry it’s important to keep pace with your competitors. Social media merely makes this process easier by allowing for complete transparency of the content and conversations your competitors are having on their various social accounts. Social media can help keep you on track with other non-profits, businesses, publications or whoever your interested in keeping tabs on or on the other side of the fence looking to partner with in the future for a promotion, campaign or some other type of partnership.

7. Build an Audience. Go Viral:

Just like building an in-house mailing list is vital to the success of your business, you can build equally powerful lists of fans and followers with whom you can broadcast a message quickly and at no cost. Because of the viral nature of social media, friends and followers of your fans and followers can also see your message. Social media has a powerful multiplier effect. That doesn’t mean you will be the next viral sensation, but it does mean the good products and services get rewarded with strong and inexpensive word of mouth promotion.

8. Link Building & SEO:

Did you know that links to your site from social media sites have a significant influence on how search engines rank your site in search results? Our approach maximizes the influence of social media links on your search engine results.

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