A few years back most internet user accessed the internet using desktops and laptops; this has however been changing.

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A few years back most internet user accessed the internet using desktops and laptops; this has however been changing. As mobile devices grew in popularity and gained the ability to access the internet, some websites owners saw the need to design specific websites designed for the smaller screen resolutions and lower processing power. Every an internet user tried to access a website designed for desktops with a mobile device, the code in the website would instruct or redirect them to the mobile version. This meant employing more resources in developing and maintaining two different websites with the same content. It is this wastage that responsive web design was created to eliminate once and for all.

As stated above, the emergence of different screen resolutions from the traditional desktop size to a variety, as supported by different mobile devices, meant creating new websites. However, it is nearly impossible to create websites for different devices and orientations; in comes responsive web design. Instead of using code in the website design process to redirect mobile users to, the idea is to create websites that can rearrange themselves and their design to fit any screen size and orientation. The code also identifies the processing power of the device in use and only loads what is necessary.

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  • With responsive web design, all internet users get the same satisfying website experience regardless of the device in use.
  • Let’s look at some of the benefits provided by this new and revolutionary web design process:
  • With responsive web design, website owners can scale down on resources used to maintain two website for different devices. This is because they will only need one responsive website to cater to all users and devices.
  • With a responsive website, all internet users will have the same user experience as it is optimized for use with both regular computers and touch screen devices. Since it can load on devices with low processing power, users do not have to wait while it loads on older mobile devices as well.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit that website owners gain from using responsive web design in developing their sites is that Google recommends it. When you have a responsive website, it is viewed as Google as a best practice, and since it is search engine friendly, it moves up the search engine result pages.
responsive web design
responsive web design
According to research findings, mobile devices were expected to outsell desktop computers in 2014. More and more users are using their devices to access the internet and expect the same user experience when using these devices. Responsive web design makes it possible to accommodate all the interests of all users into one package while offering other attractive benefits as demonstrated above.

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