seo thumbs upTruth, or hearsay? Learn more about the ins and outs of search engine optimization

Are you tired of being so clueless and confused about SEO? Many business owners hear about search engine optimization, but some people do not really understand how to really work around them at all. This article is here to shine a light on the dark path and help you discern the truth from the myths of SEO. Keep reading in order to learn more!

Myth 01: SEO content has to have a lot of keywords.

Keywords are certainly important, this is true. However, they are quite often misused and misunderstood by people, especially concerning SEO. In the earliest day of the Internet, search engine algorithms were not as sophisticated as they are now.

As a result, the more you loaded a post with keywords, the higher the chances that it would get noticed. For this reason, the web was often littered with abysmal looking marketing posts, that would read something along the following links:

“Are you looking for new red shoes? You are in luck! If you want to buy new red shoes, we actually sell new red shoes at discounted prices. Come try on your new red shoes today!”

As you can see, the forceful attempt of squeezing in the keyword cluster “new red shoes” into such a short sentence is almost comical. Search engine platforms like Google noticed this trend, and they realize it makes the web a worse place.

Customers don’t want to read that kind of copy, and lowers the quality of online searches, because keyword spammers could easily go ahead of quality content. For this reason, they came up with incredibly sophisticated algorithms overtime.

Today, it’s not so much as keyword density as much as it is about content quality. Formatting, reputable sources, good writing and just the right amount of keywords that make sense in the text’s structure and context are absolutely vital.

Today, you can hire a PPC agency, a SEO manager or a local online marketing firm to help you get it right for the search engines and for human readers.

Myth 02: Pictures don’t contribute any value SEO.

This is a common misconception. Images are really important for SEO, as well as other media. Today, companies are able to make the most out of their search engine optimization needs by combining different materials, such as text, video and pictures.

Google has very powerful picture ID algorithms and they will likely be able to identify where you copied the photo from somewhere else, or if you are using licensed stock images (the proper way to go about it). Even better, you could go the extra mile and create your own photo content to stand out even more!

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