web marketing agencyDigital vs old-school: here is how marketing has changed!

The world of marketing has changed at an incredibly fast pace throughout the span of the last few decades. There are many daily marketing processes that are commonplace today, but were not even an afterthought about 10 years ago! This is where a web marketing agency can help. Their job is to stay on top of all the latest up to the minute trends and updates that you don’t have time for while operating the many facets of your business.
In the world of extremely fast paced, competitive digital communication, is there still any place for physical marketing? Keep reading to learn more about the main differences between physical and digital marketing.

Reach and scope

This is probably one of the biggest differentiators between physical marketing and digital marketing. A local marketing campaign with physical tools such as fliers, cards and brochures can be a good way to put your brand in people’s hands. Physical items are tangible, and therefore, can offer a more engaging experience in some ways. Having said that, the reach is quite limited. Say you print out some fliers for example. The amount of people that will see the fliers is limited by a number of factors, including the number of fliers you can afford to print, and even whether anyone would pick up the fliers at all!

On the other hand, the chances of reaching people are significantly larger with a web marketing agency. Even on a relatively small budget, you can reach a limitless crowd. Successful social media campaigns that go viral are also fantastic opportunities, because the traffic increases without necessarily increasing the budget and scope of the campaign – it’s all organic growth!

Hiring a web marketing agency like Bullseye Marketing Consultants can be the perfect solution to further maximize your results without taking time from your business.


Physical market and digital marketing both require a lot of planning. If you want your promotion to be successful, you need to think ahead. The main difference is that digital marketing provides infinitely more flexibility, making it a lot easier to change your mind and make edits on the go. If you want to change something in the middle of your campaign, such as using new images or changing your text, you can do quickly and easily, without expensive recalls. On the other hand, physical marketing isn’t as forgiving. If you want to change something along the way, you probably will have to spend more money to print more materials and correct/edit your content by starting from scratch and paying someone to do it!

A web marketing agency is a really good way to cut costs and combine effective strategies with open-ended versatility. With such premises, the possibilities are truly endless, and you can be literally spoiled with options readily available at your fingertips on a daily basis!

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