It can be difficult to make general statements regarding the state of the legal business overall.  There are a variety of factors in regards to marketing ideas for law firm companies, for example local, state or federal regulations, changes in the economy and location can change the viewpoint of a law firm company in the West different from law firm companies in the Southeast.  This could mean that demand for a law firm in Ohio could be lower in some cases when at the same time, demand for a law firm in Jupiter, Florida could be higher.

Online Marketing Ideas for Law Firm Companies

Regardless if your law firm is growing or in desperate need of new clients, it’s in the firm’s best interest to have a constant flow of leads that can be converted to new clients.


Lots of lawyers and law firm companies do not obtain brand-new customers and data because they do not do enough business advancement activities, or they waste time on the incorrect tasks, or they don’t get face-to-face with potential their clients.

Marketing Ideas for Law Firm Companies

A great deal of attorneys I speak to today are happening to the suggestion that they may need to be a bit more active compared to the timeless “wait-for-referrals” services model. They buy into the concept that marketing their tactics online could possibly help maintain their client pipeline full as well as level out the crazy ups & downs that recommendation company takes.

  1. Google Your Location and Your Main Service

According to Search Engine Land, Google delivers over 100 billion searches on a monthly basis. Online, people are searching for a variety of services related to obtaining counsel or law firm services in your area.  If your law firm company was based in Jupiter, FL, a person’s seeking your services can search Google for:

  • “Law Firm in Jupiter”
  • “best law firm companies near Jupiter”
  • “top legal firms located in Jupiter”
  • “Jupiter law firm”

The variations, combinations, and even misspellings can go on.  Additionally, this doesn’t include strategic searches such as: “how to file for divorce in Florida,” or “how to get out of a DUI,” These are very specific, service oriented searches that your law firm can rank for, provided that you offer that service as well as have content that promotes that service. Later on, we can elaborate more on strategies for these keyword phrases.

For now, it’s important to embrace your locality and claim your business across the social media landscape when implementing these marketing ideas for law firm companies. Google Places is the local listing results of Google. Google Places appears high up in the search results of Google when users look for local information. Here, a small map shows the locations of those companies which are both relevant to the keywords entered and registered on Google my Business page.

 Law firm companies in your area, with a Google My Business page, you will have the ability:

  1. Follow up on customer reviews
  2. Brand your site with company photos and images of the services you provide
  3. Display your contact details and location information.

These are just some of the basic benefits offered to you by Google My Business.  Additionally, there are a variety of online business directories as well as online review sites that your law firm will need to take advantage of.  It will take time to build a profile on each of these sites, however, this is the point of getting your brand known, reference in the search engines and links back to your website.

Other sites include Bing for Business, Angies’ List, Yelp, Yahoo Listings, LinkedIn and MapQuest. Some of these services require a fee. However, there are many free alternative business directories for legal firms in your area as well.

  1. FAQ, Comments, Questions & Answers

The art of customer service starts directly with one key factor that the majority of companies usually miss, “the response.” This is one of the key marketing ideas for law firm companies It’s not just responding to an inquiry, a question, or concern from a client or potential client, it’s also “how” your respond. Other factors that you must consider is how fast your respond, the attitude of that response as well as solving the problem in that response.  Bottom line, the companies that win, are those that respond frequently, consistently, on-time, and provide a direct and specific solution that will result in either a converting a lead, generating a testimonials or making a sale.

Potential clients have many questions.

  • “How much will a lawyer cost?”
  • “Do I need a lawyer if….”
  • “I need help in my divorce, what do I do?”
  • “Does a real estate lawyer prepare taxes?”

If you see questions like these coming from customers in your office, it’s safe to believe that these questions are being asked on Google.  Next, you will need to ask yourself, who is best to answer these questions?  As the top law firm in your area, these questions are best answered by you.

Deliver a higher level of free traffic to your website by answering these simple and direct questions. Your legal team can make a list of questions that are either coming through the website through contact forms, on the phone, or within the incoming comments on your blog.  Next, you can create a content calendar which will be used to map out a strategy of the blog posts that will need to be created in the form of long form blog posts and articles.  Lastly, you will want to start answering questions on various Questions and Answers sites, such as Quora, LinkedIn Answers,  Yahoo Answers, Reddit.  These top question and answer sites are only a few of the ones in order to not only get your brand out there, but, this is the new activate and progressive method of outreach and generating referrals for your law firm.

  1. Personal Outreach

In regards to marketing ideas for law firm companies, over the past 10 years, online public relations have drastically changed.  Many firms are now integrating social media into their public relations strategies.  Rather than reach out directly to a journalist, you may seek to reach out to a blogger, or bypass journalists all together and first make a public statement about an issue through Twitter. The typical press release may not necessarily be read, and is more often used now as a secondary traffic generation technique.  If your law firm has a trending story or topic, it’s the 44 characters, the headline, or even the picture that tells a thousand words – this type of unique content which can be quickly understood and taken at face value.

Additionally, besides public relations, it’s the one-on-one personal outreach that many businesses miss out on. The personal outreach which leads to word of mouth advertising is overall the best type of online marketing you can do.  Today, people are conditioned to share their experiences, air their grievances publically, review the services they received.  If you are able to tap into these concerns, praises, or even fears, with a positive, results-oriented and solutions-based message that delivers on a result, you have tapped the online marketing goldmine.  Legal firms can start out with the basics, make a phone call to existing and past customers, ask questions of how they feel about their service, request a review or testimonial. If you can get it on video, that’s a plus.  Make your customers feel special by providing them a special offer or discount for future services.

Marketing your law firm company isn’t difficult.  However, there are a variety of marketing activities to think about and consider. If you are in need of marketing ideas for law firm companies, such as website design or marketing services for your Jupiter Florida law firm, then look for a company that has their pulse on the personal touch of customers.  One such company, serving not only Jupiter Florida, but other areas such as West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Bullseye Marketing Consultants, a high-end website development company, can get you on the right track delivering your more traffic, leads and conversions for you law firm.