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At Bullseye Marketing consultants, we are a high end law firm website design and social media consultant agency. Working to ensure the success of our clients, offering Internet marketing, reputation management, web design and search engine marketing solutions.

Features of Good Law Firm Website Design

When your law firm website design is made by a professional, your firm will experience a lot of good benefits compared to doing it yourself. We have spent hundreds of hours researching, designing, planning and creating a website design to provide your law firm with a unique web presence.

Law Firm Website Design

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Bring your brand to life! End your struggle searching for a web design agency. Let Bullseye Marketing Consultants be your premier web design and social media marketing solution. We provide a team of web designers with the expertise, knowledge and necessary skills sets to deliver a modern, upscale site that to help build your brand & increase customer conversions. Our staff will partner with you & help you every step of the way.

It is our mission is to deliver engaging, quality website that will make your law firm stand out from competitors. A good law firm website design is search engine friendly and easy to use. That way, potential clients can find you when they do an online search. Once our job is complete, you will have a website that will help establish your online presence. Below are the features of a good site design for your law firm.

Responsive Web Design

More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to access websites across the globe. As much as 50 percent of website traffic comes from mobile device users. With a responsive law firm website design will ensure that you are able to provide a good user experience for all devices. Mobile users and desktop users are able to navigate the website with ease. With a responsive design, the site scales to various screen resolutions, and the content will be reordered in an optimal manner.

A responsive design will also make sure that mobile users get the information they need about an attorney and the firm. It also has a click-to-call feature that makes it easier to contact the law firm. By providing a good mobile experience, users will not likely to leave the website and spend more time on it.

A responsive design also shows that your law firm is using the most advanced web technology that differentiates your firm from your competitors that have older web designs. Responsive law firm website design is also good for search engine optimization. Google’s algorithm favors sites with responsive design and ranks it higher in mobile search.

Quick and Convenient Way to Contact Law Firm

Law firm website design must provide users various ways to contact the firm. Most law firms use a contact form as a way for potential clients to contact them. While it is an effective method, it is important to provide users with various options. Aside from a contact form, the website must also have a phone number in its header that appears on all pages, and email addresses of attorneys that can be seen on their profile pages.

Blog for Fresh Content

Content is still considered an important factor in SEO, and that’s why it is vital that the law firm website design includes a blog. Attorneys are known to be good writers, and they can create fresh content that will showcase their knowledge about new legislations or recent updates to the law.

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