Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

If more and more people are browsing from their mobile devices, then so do costumers are. According to the latest stats of Pew Internet Research Center as of January 2014, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, and 60% of adult cell phone owners use it to access the internet. Practically majority of the people have their cell phones wherever they are. And yet many websites and businesses still haven’t accommodated and adapted to this obvious change.

Keep your business updated with the trend. This occurrence can be taken as an advantage and opportunity for your business to gain more clients. Take your business closer to your customers and other more potential clients by optimizing your web sites and make some mobile website design.

Normal websites, when accessed on cell phones, takes a lot of scrolling, pinching, and the buttons are also too small to be pressed efficiently because the site does not fit to the cell phone’s screens. A mobile-friendly website, on the other hand, will not have a problem with all of these.

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mobile website design
Customers will have a user-friendly mobile website design with big, finger-friendly buttons, minimal scrolling, efficient and easy to understand functions as well as an attractive, clean and modern design. This and many more advantage out of making a mobile website. Look over all the benefits that will gain your business website below.

Benefits of making your site mobile-friendly

  • Gain more customers
    Mobiles have turned to be a necessity now in people’s lives. Everything is just within the reach because of smartphones and applications. Having a user-friendly mobile website design will give your customers faster and easier access to your website.
  • Better user experience
    Your customers will no longer have to suffer from excessive pinching and scrolling while checking your business site because our user-friendly mobile website design will provide a simple, easy-to-use and understand functions that will just fit your customer’s mobile needs.
  • Speed up website load times
    Normal websites load in phones slower than it would on computers. Mobile websites, on the other hand, has more sleek and simple design that helps to speed up its load times.
  • Increase potential customer conversion
    Mobile websites will provide visitors an outlet for direct contact, giving your business faster and easier communication with your customers. It will also give them the chance to directly contact you through calls in their phone.
  • Competitor advantage
    Many business websites are still not mobile friendly. And customers will always choose over what’s faster and easier to access. Gain some advantage over your competitors by having a site with mobile website design that will just provide for your customer’s need.
mobile website design

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