Have you implemented a digital marketing strategy for your business? Learn how to implement an integrated digital advertising approach to generate leads and sales for your business.  This is Part 2 of the series on methods to generate leads. You can review Part 1, the Content Marketing Strategy Mix formula, where we reviewed how businesses need to take an integrated approached for effective content marketing.  Here we will discuss specific strategies in how a business can implement these strategies.


Focus on Relevance

Many things can help you create a sense of connection for your digital marketing strategy. One of these strategies is to use similar keywords; another is to focus on the content and keep it relevant to your business’s name, topics, and niche. People come to your site for a particular purpose, which is usually to gain some insight into your products or services, via informational text or videos that highlight your topic or explain something valuable to them. By staying relevant to your topic and niche, you will keep people focused on your site and business, while remaining honest and transparent.

Content Marketing Strategy

Include a Hook in Your Message

Writers always try to add a hook to capture the reader’s attention when they present their stories or materials. You should try to do the same with your blog or website content. The best hook addresses the reader’s pain points. For example, if you own a gardening business, reflect on the things that most concern gardeners. Whether hobbyists or professional farmers, there are bound to be issues which growers need resolved, or at least clarified. Any topics that help the person do a better job gardening, take some of the time and drudgery out of their daily tasks, or increase their productivity are bound to be winners.

Use Video that is Memorable

Tap into one of the types of video that tend to go viral, such as a touching pet video, a shocking or funny moment, or a scary clip. This kind of video surprises the viewer and can boost your digital marketing strategy. It will capture their attention much better than a plain talking head or an annoying sales pitch that they will want to tune out.

Tie it All Together

Once you have your website, blog, videos, and other aspects up and working, you will need to integrate them by tying them all together in some meaningful way, ensuring your digital marketing strategy comes together. Remember that you want the same people that like your video content to be interested in your website, blog, and sales page. Use similar branding throughout, and try to get into the minds of your viewers so that they will want to see your brand again in other forms. This is real integration.

By creating useful backlinks to your sites, focusing on relevance and meaningful content, and repeating keywords from your blog to your videos, and vice versa, you will create your web-within-a-web that may reinforce itself over time and bring people back to your site from your other content. This technique is referred to in some circles as “the sales funnel.” But in essence, it’s just integration of your web strategies that results in increased sales and ROI. And that’s what is known as “good business!”