Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update rolled out just a few weeks ago, and surprisingly there are quite a few webmasters that even knew it was a thing. Mobile devices have been taking the consumer world by storm for well over five years now, and the market has steadily been moving towards catering to that audience.

This is the biggest step ever taken though, and with THE search engine giant no less. If you’re not prepared to be a star in Google’s mobile friendly eyes, then you are going to be left behind. Here are a few things you need to know to prepare yourself for this new algorithm change.

Every Website In The World Is Affected

Some of the more novice webmasters have convinced themselves that they don’t need to worry about this update. “I don’t even care about mobile marketing” they say.

Mobile Algorithm UpdateWell, just because you aren’t doing your promotion via a mobile platform does NOT mean that your readers are not trying to view your website on a mobile platform. In fact, many studies show that the majority of web surfing these days happens via a mobile device, be it a cell phone or a tablet.

It is flat out irresponsible to think that your website is different, that you won’t be affected by this change. If you value your user base then getting compliant is an absolute must.

If You Were Hit With A Penalty, Then It Isn’t Too Late To Turn Things Around

Maybe you don’t follow the world of search engine marketing too closely. If that is the case, then Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update hit you like a ton of bricks.

If you fall into this category, try not to worry. Many webmasters will tell you that once you are hit with a Google penalty that your best bet is to abandon the affected website like it has leprosy or something. The solution is actually MUCH simpler than that. Google re-crawls websites constantly. If you take the proper steps to get your site mobile friendly, then you can reasonably expect your search engine rankings to return to where they belong.

Heck, if you’re having trouble getting in compliance you can even submit your site for a manual review and find out where you’re lacking!

Getting Your Website To Be Mobile Friendly Is Easier Than You Think

Whether you have a website designer on staff full time or if you like to mess with WordPress source code yourself, getting your website into mobile compliance is a lot easier than you would think. Google tells you themselves what they would like to see!

Their webmasters page will tell you more, but the major things they are looking for is content that is readable without a ton of zooming and scrolling, buttons that are spaced far enough apart to not destroy people who are “all thumbs”, and buttons that actually work!

You have no excuses. You now know that the algorithm update has happened, that you need to get in compliance, and what you need to do to make your website mobile friendly. Head over to your dashboard and get to work!

Be Prepared for the Mobile Algorithm Update!