Snapchat is a mystery to many companies. On one hand, it’s a thriving social network with over 100 million active daily users, 18% of American social media users and 30% of millennials. At the same time, Snapchat doesn’t carry paid adverts or come with a suite of analytical tools to reassure advertisers they are making the right decisions when building a Snapchat social media campaign.

However, the sheer number of users and the way that Snapchat posts can go viral makes it an ideal tool for brand marketers and a great way for startups to gain visibility. In this 3-part series, we will explore about how businesses can use this video platform to market their business and drive more sales.  Here’s how your firm can boost its image and sales by using Snapchat to its advantage.

Master the Art of Narrative

Creating a Snapchat social media campaign is all about storytelling. It might not seem to have many parallels with the novels of Tolstoy or Dickens, but the 10 billion daily video views on Snapchat are constantly telling stories about who users are and what they enjoy.

It’s also a place where authenticity and humor thrive, and where conventional salesmanship can be alienating. This makes it vital to tell your brand’s story in fresh ways that really connect on a human level with Snapchat users.

How to Build a Snapchat Social Media Campaign

You can start at the beginning – maybe with a humorous tale about your origins and why you are trying to reach people. Try to link your products with something broader as well. How do they connect with people’s lifestyles? Are they all about relaxation, excitement, decadence, fitness? Work these kind of themes into your narratives and you will get a much more impressive response.

Consistency and Regular Posting are Essential

If you plan to use the platform as a narrative device, the rewards can be huge, but it needs to be done systematically. If you just create videos when inspiration strikes, they will flare up brightly and then disappear. That’s the thing about Snapchat and creating a Snapchat social media campaign. Everything lasts for a blink of an eye before disappearing forever, so you need to create a consistent stream of content that has a strong brand identity and compels users to watch.

Most skillful Snapchat marketers like to plan their weeks out in advance. Have a storyboarding session at the start of the week with all of your creative talent in attendance. Map out how often you intend to post and how your posts link together, and stick to the schedule religiously. The attention span of internet users isn’t great in general and is probably even less so for Snapchat users. So post regularly and strategically, and don’t let up.

Snapchat Social Media Campaign Plan

People use to think that Snapchat was targeted directly toward the teen market. However, it was evident that a much larger and commercial audience was amenable for this social media platform when it was rapidly utilized by the porn industry.  Today, some of the top commercial brands for products and services are using Snapchat to market their products, gain customers and utilize this social media marketing platform as another avenue to drive sales.

General Electric utilizes Snapchat to not only market their products and services, but to build brand awareness by showcasing their scientific geeky side. One recent example is when they shared their scientific analysis regarding the science of emoji’s.

Another company, PepsiCo, marketed on of their products, Gatorade (the universal sports drink for athletes) using Snapchat.  Users could add a lens that allowed anyone to give them a Gatorade dunk bath.

Imagine the possibilities with this platform.  Showcasing live & interactive user experiences with your audience.  In the next series, we will discuss various elements that will allow your business to implement a successful Snapchat marketing strategy.