In part 2 of 3 of this Snapchat promotion and strategy series, we will explore the top Snapchat marketing strategy tips that your business can start implementing today.  In the first episode, we discussed about building a Snapchat social media campaign, and got a better understanding of how large corporations saw the signs with this social video platform and are directly cementing a competitive advantage for their businesses. It’s now time for small businesses and marketers to start doing the same.  As a small business owner, this guide will teach the various Snapchat marketing strategy ideas that can be implemented while navigating this unique and mysterious platform.

Attract Followers With Interactivity

You might not be able to advertise directly using Snapchat yet (although an algorithm is on the horizon to allow paid for content). However, this shouldn’t stop you promoting your business via the platform and creating a stable Snapchat marketing strategy.

Why not run competitions via Snapchat to see who can create the most amusing or beautiful content around your brand? That way, you can boost your brand identity, attract creative influencers to engage with your channel and spread the word about what you have to offer.

What Are the Best Snapchat Marketing Strategy Methods

You could even run discount coupon schemes using this effective Snapchat marketing strategy video platform.  Snapchat videos might be short-lived, but if users know that they can show a video with a discount coupon to your clerks or servers, they can take their phone to your business and claim a discount on the spot. It’s a clever way to entice them to make a visit.

Create Strategic Snapchat Partnerships

Social media is not all about what you can do and your content. It’s also about who you know and what they can do for you. Plenty of businesses team up with influencers on Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, from games developers to fashion labels. They know that these individuals have more credibility than they do, along with the communication skills to portray their products in the right light.

Snapchat takeovers are another Snapchat marketing strategy idea that marketers can use to reach influencers’ audiences. In a takeover, brands or users take control of another Snapchat account, usually for a single day. You might not like the idea of handing control to a fashionista or gaming vlogger, but if you trust them and give them an idea of what is required, they can deliver great results.

Done well, takeovers help to humanize your brand, showing how ordinary people can use and enjoy your products. On a platform that prizes authenticity, it’s much more effective than just sending promotional messages.

Give Your Followers Exclusive Content

Another excellent way to use Snapchat for promotional activities is to create content that is only available to Snapchat users. Exclusive content signals to your followers that you value their interest, encouraging them to spread awareness of your brand by word-of-mouth.

Exclusivity has been embraced by plenty of major names, including the NFL, which broadcasts Snapchat-only sports footage. Media outlets like CNN also use the Snapchat Discover feature to provide users with unique takes on the news. It all helps to make their brands more down to earth and connected to their fan base with this new types of Snapchat marketing strategy initiatives.