6 Quick Fixes to Optimize Your Small Business Website Design

Small Business Website Design Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become essential for driving traffic, yet few website owners understand how to leverage it effectively. Search engines can apply crippling penalties to otherwise excellent content that loads slowly, is hard to crawl, or is hosted on a website that fails to utilize best practices. Startups seeking small business Jupiter website design, Jupiter Internet Marketing and website owners must implement on-page SEO to avoid turning search engines away with usability nightmares and indicators of low-quality content. Below are six quick fixes that can help search engines rank your content to its full potential.
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1. Optimize for Humans

Small Business Website DesignOne of the most paradoxical mistakes that website owners make when they get a new custom website is prioritizing the needs of search engines over human visitors. The early days of SEO emphasized tailoring content to search engine algorithms, but technological advancements now compel website owners to focus on content that adds value. Search engines can now accurately infer visitor perceptions of quality and penalize websites that attempt to game the system. It’s important to not select an SEO design company that deals in black hat techniques. One Florida web design company, www.bullseyemarketingconsultants.com follows SEO best practices to ensure your site will not get penalized. Website owners, therefore, must now primarily depend on the quality of their content to attract both human visitors and search engines. If your content is high-quality and relevant, you can expect search engines to drive sustainable traffic.

2. Broken Links

Links on a website that do not point to an active page are called broken links. Web pages come and go on the Internet, so broken links are not uncommon. Unfortunately, search engines impose stiff penalties for broken links because they are frustrating to users and indicate poor website management. Just imagine if you decided to get a custom website that was a social network development using BuddyPress. Would you visit a site where the social profiles of your friends didn’t work? If Facebook had consistent broken link profiles, and Facebook pages that were not accessible, then the value of that social network development would significantly drop. Make sure that you fix broken links whenever you find them to prevent search engines from penalizing your website. There are dozens of free tools available online, such as Google Webmaster Tools, which can search through your website and quickly identify broken links. If you choose to use Bullseye Marketing Consultants, (a website design Jupiter FL agency), to build your custom websites on the WordPress platform, then you will learn about various plugin and extensions to check and organize broken links on your custom website. For example, two options to check for broken links on your site include:

  • Broken Link Checker
  • Broken Link Manager
  • 404 to Start
  • Eggplant 301 Redirects
6 Quick Fixes to Optimize Your Small Business Website Design

6 Quick Fixes to Optimize Your Small Business Website Design

3. Fix SSL Errors

Nothing sends visitors fleeing from your website faster than an SSL certificate warning. Websites that have unauthenticated SSL certificates are automatically blocked by Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, forcing users to click the “I understand the risks” button to proceed. Search engines understand user concerns about insecure SSL certificates and apply harsh penalties accordingly. It should be your top priority to fix SSL errors because they can penalize your website in the long run. Most Certificate Authorities are willing to help diagnose the problem if SSL errors occur on your website. Today, Google is recognizing websites that have properly implemented an SSL certificate on their site. It will soon become just one of the many items that are part of the Google algorithm that ranks sites in the search engines.

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Small Business Website Design Ecommerce Tip

Small business who have custom websites or ecommerce websites where they have implemented an SSL certificate on a WordPress website may encounter issues fixing a common problem with insecure content. Third-party WordPress extensions offer a variety of ways to solve the problem. Some plugin extensions include:

  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer
  • Gravity Forms: Force SSL
  • WP Force SSL

These plugins will redirect traffic from the “HTTP” to the “HTTPS” and fix the insecure content on your site.


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4. Optimize Load Times

Website visitors are extremely impatient online. Studies have shown that 25 percent of website users leave a page if it does not load within four seconds. Search engines apply heavy penalties to websites that take a long time to load. Websites that take longer than two seconds to load get penalized by search engines. Startups who have received small business website design can test their website load times in a variety of ways. There are tools such as:

  • GTMetrix: This online service will test the page loading time of your site Google Page Speed as well as Yahoo’s YSlow analytical tool.
  • Sucuri Performance Tool: Another online tool will analyze the performance of your website across the globe.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test: This tool will analyze the performance of your site and custom websites owners will be able to analyze the bottle necks that are causing performance issues on their site.

Make sure that you do everything that you possibly can to increase the loading speed of your website. A faster web server and asynchronous file downloads can often make a significant difference in website loading speed.

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5. Use Keywords in Moderation

Another big mistake is to use keywords dozens of times throughout a web page. Keywords should only be used two or three times in an article and should be clearly visible to the human eye. When selecting a SEO design company such as Bullseye Marketing Consultants, select one that will discuss with you your keyword strategy. At this Florida web design company, not only will they review your local SEO optimization strategy and choose the best keywords you’re your custom websites, but also, tell you the truth about why it’s not a good reason for you to compete against Amazon or Wal-Mart for certain keywords. Web pages that attempt to use keywords dozens of times are likely to be penalized by search engines, especially when a website demonstrates a consistent pattern of keyword abuse on multiple pages. Search engines penalize excessive keyword use because content can feel unnatural when keywords are used too much. Keyword penalties can be easily avoided by using keywords naturally throughout your website.

6. Improve the User Experience

Small Business Website DesignIndividuals who visit a website have specific expectations regarding the general layout and design that they want to see. Layout schemes that differ from the norm may confuse users and encourage them to leave. Websites with an optimized user experience benefit from enhanced engagement and visitors who spend more time on each page. Users who spend a longer amount of time on your website tell search engines that your content is relevant, interesting, and worth sharing. Website owners should, therefore, analyze their website and find opportunities to improve usability. Choose to get a small business website design today, or build your next social network development with www.bullseyemarketingconsultants.coma Florida web design company.

Optimizing Your Custom Websites

The key to success with SEO in today’s world is to develop content that can genuinely add value to human visitors. The advanced algorithms used by modern search engines can quickly identify aggregate user perceptions of a website by monitoring traffic patterns and on-page user behavior. Content should be informative and encourage visitors to interact, visit additional pages, and share your web pages with others. If you develop excellent content and optimize the usability of your website for search engines, the traffic will come.