Web Design Companies for App Development: Tips to boost your Mobile App Downloads

Can Web Development Companies Build Your App Empire?

When Doug Nguyen, the Vietnamese student working on a graduate project, invented “Flappy Birds,” he never could have imagined the potential that he would see in his app sales and downloads. But the funny part is, it was FREE! He simply utilized the Google Adsense and other ad revenue platforms to monetize his app. Nguyen made $50,000 per day! It got to the point that he could no longer keep up with the demands of the downloads and people went crazy! That’s the kind of hype you want to create for your app.
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Do I Monetize or Sell?

Although at the time, Doug Nguyen didn’t use creative marketing firms or didn’t have utilize web development Web Design Companies companies to create his mobile app. Lucky for Nguyen, he had the the programming skills to create the app on his own. Additionally, Flappy Birds did not use an SEO website design company, such as Bullseye Marketing Consultants to guide him along in generating traffic. However, everyone does not have the skills, or expertise to drive traffic to their mobile app or even the programming skills to build a game. Regarding whether you make a free app and monetize it or sell it is up to you. Only you can decide if you want your app to be free or to rely on ad revenue. The point is that your goal is to increase your downloads. So how do you do that?

Here are some ways that are sure to increase your mobile app downloads while also helping you with your mobile app marketing techniques and increase mobile app rankings at the same time:

How to Increase Mobile App Downloads with Web Design Companies

Once you have a great app, and you know it’s great, you’ll want to start by making sure you have implemented app store optimization (commonly referred to now as ASO,) which will increase your exposure to more potential customers and increase your rankings. Inquire with the best web design companies like Bullseye Marketing Consultants who will provide guidance on getting your app in the app store. This requires a number of things.

First, create a video that you can put on You Tube, advertising your app. It can be a simple video taken with a document camera or screen shot. Or it can just be a series of pictures taken with your screen capture software. The point is, capture the most important and interesting features of your app. Show dynamic graphics and sound, if those are strong points of your app. Select creative marketing firms such as www.bullseyemarketing.com who can create your graphics for your app. Create interest in your app by drawing people in. Consider your app as a product-that’s what it is and advertise it. Where app store optimization comes in is that you’ll want to include key words in your You Tube videos, website, and app store entry to refer back to each other. Do this by using the same keywords on all three and including the name of your app often. This will tell Google there is relevance between the three and tie them together. The key is to get them to the download site in the Apple or Google Play Store so make that the goal of your campaign. An SEO website design company such as Bullseye Marketing Consultants can help you optimize your mobile app so that visitors can quickly find your app when it’s being searched. Keyword research is essential in this process.

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Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Rank Recon, SEO Spyglass, SEM Rush are just a few of the tools and resources that can be utilized to perform keyword research. Whether or not you are using a Florida search engine optimization team or web design companies in Florida, the team at Bullseye Marketing Consultants can deliver on your marketing and development efforts in mobile apps, web design and search engine marketing.


Using an SEO Website Design Company to Succeed in Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is no different than any other type of marketing, except that you want to direct them to your download page in the end. Like the landing or sales page on a standard website, this is the page where things happen. You want to make a sale, or at least get customers to sign up for your mailing list, so that you can send them other information or let them know about future releases. Mobile app marketing involves creating a sense of hype or engagement in your app and getting them to share it with others. So don’t forget social media share buttons as well. And promote your app on your own Facebook and Twitter. Not sure where to start on a social media buildout? Look for the best creative marketing firms and web design companies such as www.bullseyemarketingconsultants.com in Florida.
Web Design Companies

Using a web design Florida company like Bullseye Marketing Consultants will not only provide you the guidance, but also, the education necessary to understand what is needed and necessary. From designing and styling your download button, to the implementation of the contact form fields, and even the styling and look of your squeeze page. There are a variety of issues and elements to consider.

Increasing Your Mobile App Rankings

Ask friends and people in your social media circles to “rate” your app and make sure you have an automatic rating form that comes up when someone uses your app. The more ratings you get, (especially positive ones), the more likely others will download the app too. Sharing is king in the mobile app promotion game so do it and do it often.

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Creative Marketing Firms Tip: Run with the Big Boys

Finally, publish your app on the known marketplaces. Apple (iOS), Google Play, and Amazon are the kings of the app sales game. Google Play has over 1 million apps, Apple, 750,000 and growing at last check, and Amazon is close behind. Don’t mess with platforms like Windows who are still clamoring to catch up. But you could test out an app on their platform sometime as you’d have less competition on it. But stick mostly to the big platforms where everyone expects to find all of the apps they want. These big players spend millions a year on marketing their app store. They even sometimes feature the best apps if your app is something they want to promote. So make it good and get on the big platforms. Let the “big boys” take their cut and you can reap the rewards of being on the biggest app sales platforms on the planet.

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It’s All About Image

Lastly, don’t forget, it’s not how good the app really is that matters. It’s how good people think it is. Of course, you should be honest and create a good application that people can benefit from. But it’s in the way you package it, the title, the description, and all of that which is going to increase your downloads. Web design companies can help with this brand imaging. It’s not if your app will solve global warming and feed the hungry. So create outstanding descriptions and titles, make it draw them in and encourage interaction. Get the guidance you need with an SEO website design company – Bullseye Marketing Consultants.

Publish Your Mobile App On Your Blog

One final word about increasing your mobile app downloads. Have a blog and feature the video for your app there. Encourage people to try it out and report what they think on the blog. Use your mobile app analytics to see how it’s doing after putting it on the blog. This is useful information which can guide your decisions on your next app. Web design companies and creative marketing firms can provide the copy writing content you need to get the word out.

If you follow these steps, you should see an increase in downloads and interest in your app. Remember, you are selling a product. Make it good. Make it interesting. And you’ll make a splash. Who knows? You just might create the next “Flappy Birds” app that has everyone selling their mothers to find a phone with the app on it when you retire it.

But don’t get too crazy! It is, after all, it’s just an app.

Web Design Companies for App Development: Tips to boost your Mobile App Downloads

Web Design Companies for App Development: Tips to boost your Mobile App Downloads